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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Frankie's Story - if you love 'em, put a tag on 'em

    April 13, 2012

    Frankie's Story
    We found him about a month ago, running across a busy highway right near the Austin airport. Somehow he managed to cross 6 lanes unharmed. He had a collar but no tag. Long story short, we did everything we could to find the owner, but with no luck. It's a mystery as to where he came from and why he had no tag - he's just an awesome dog.

    The HELLO MY NAME IS tag suits him so well...personable, care-free, loving, and a little comedic. We're just glad we were in the right place at the right time and found little Frankie.

    Sadly, Frank's story is all too common. That's why we're inviting you to celebrate National Pet ID Week with us (April 15-April 21). Tag or re-tag your best buddy with 10% Savings on ID Tags all month long. Use promo code TAGME at checkout.

    If you love 'em, put a tag on 'em! 

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