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Say Cheese!

March 24, 2012

Congratulations to Moose, our Smiling Dog Contest Winner. February, as you know, was Dog Dental Care Month and Moose's pearly white smile reminds us the importance of good doggie dental hygiene beyond Feb. I 'sat' down with Moose's Mom Britni to learn a little more about this charming 'little' lady.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Moose, how old is she?

A: Moose will turn two this June. She (only) weighs around 50lbs, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.

Q: Does she have any siblings or playmates? If so, what do they like to do?

A: Moose lives with Tipper, an 100-pound goldendoodle and loves on "fuzzin" Mavic, her grandparents' 70-pound giant schnauzer. Moose's bold spirit comes in handy since Tipper and Mavic are both big, rough players. They like to team up against her for the chase, and she enjoys every minute of the tactical darting and evasion games that ensue.

Q: With a smile like Moose's, she must be quite the bee charmer. Is she always so outgoing?

A: Actually, she’s abundantly shy in unfamiliar situations, so it was with great fear and trembling (literally) that she successfully passed her Canine Good Citizen course and test last year. But she passed! In her comfort zone, she’s a tenacious beast who loves to play. One of her favorite summer activities is going to the lake, where she fetches water toys, rides in the kayak, or swims beside her Mom as she trains for triathlons.

Q: What other activities does she enjoy?

A: Other activities she enjoys include zooming in circles around the couch like there’s a racetrack in the living room, chasing down and cuddling cats, stalking squirrels and birds (though she has yet to catch one), stealing and shredding toilet paper rolls, pilfering socks. And, car rides with open windows are the best!

 Q: At the risk of prying, where does she sleep, favorite cuddle spots?

A: For all her boisterous roughhousing and mischievous antics, she can melt your heart with sweetness. She likes to cuddle and sleeps every night in the bed. And she loves to give kisses, particularly in your ear. And she's always eager to give a high-five.

Q: What is Moose going to get with the $25 Olive gift card she won?

A: Well that's easy....Z-Ridge Dental Chews to keep her smile white and bright, some Pal Dog ear gel and some Brewer's Yeast Tabs to keep the bugs at bay. It's promising to be a hot and buggy Spring and Summer.


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