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Brushing Your Dog's Teeth Can Add a Year to Their Life

February 26, 2013

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that regular brushing of your dog's teeth can add a year or so to their life?
Seriously, studies show proper oral hygiene can extend your dog's life up to 1 year or more. Admittedly, routine brushing can be tough to achieve, but if you start early when they're a puppy or new to your household and stick with it, you'll see a difference in the long run. Consider this...

1. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of 3. Symptoms may include bad breath, yellow and brown tartar build up, and red inflamed gums.

2. The build-up of plaque bacteria can seriously affect your dog's heart, kidneys, intestinal tract and joints and may even be life threatening.

3. We all know brown teeth and bad breath are just plain yucky. Some form of regular brushing is better than none, and brushing at least every other day will prevent the buildup of tartar on the teeth. Mornings will be that much sweeter when he's licking your face.


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