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Measuring your dog
Measuring your dog
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Secure Fit Safety Strap & Harness

Bebop USA



The Secure Fit Safety Strap and Harness secures your dog in the event of an accident or quick braking or turning. It allows your dog to safely sit, stand and lie down, but not wander, ensuring the safety of your pet, the passengers and the driver. Four sizes and several color options allow for a custom look and optimal fit.

In case of quick braking or turning your dog will not be thrown into the dashboard, windshield or side car windows. When you are ready to unload your dog, attach a leash to the “d” rings of the Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness ©, unsnap the safety scissor snap of the safety strap and you’re on your way - the Safety Strap doubles as a harness.

Secure Fit Safety Dog Harness was designed and approved by eight veterinarians and orthopedic surgeons to assure proper design for comfort as well as safety in case of impact. The harness fits on the breast bone of the dog. With the harness fitting low in the front, it limits damage and injury to the trachea (windpipe). Made in USA with USA-made components.

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After consoling too many heart broken dog owners after an accident and injury caused by seat belt harnesses and poorly designed or ill-fitting dog harnesses, vet tech Sue Roake decided to create her own product. She knew from experience that many dog harnesses will damage the dog’s trachea in an accident - it doesn't take much to collapse or fracture the soft tissue, causing permanent damage and many thousands of dollars of veterinary care. The Secure Fit Safety Strap and Harness is designed in consultation with veterinarians and orthopedic surgeons to be anatomically correct for dogs.

  • Safe- the Secure Fit Dog Harness fits anatomically correct to avoid injury from the harness itself. 

  • Comfortable 

  • Secure In the event of an accident, or even quick braking or turning

  • Designed by veterinarians 

  • Dog can sit, stand, or lay down but can not wander, ensuring safety

  • Harness doubles as a safe and comfortable walking harness 

  • Recommended & used by the Oregon Humane Society 

  • Can be customized to fit perfectly

  • Made in USA with USA made materials

Quick & Easy to use! Fitting, adjusting and using the Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness System©:
1. Unsnap harness, have your dog lift front legs in, and snap at the withers (over the shoulders). It’s important that the harness fits snug, but not tight, around the girth of your dog.
2. The front of the harness should come across(vertically) your dog’s shoulders, and fit snug but not tight.
3. Attach looped strap to the seatbelt in the middle of the backseat.
4. Pull the other end of the strap to the back (top area), locate the child safety seat anchor* and attach with scissor snap.*
5. Adjust the strap to be snug against the seatback
6. Attach short leash on safety strap to the “D” Rings on the Secure Fit Dog Harness.
*All cars made after 2000 have Child Seat Anchors on the back “dash” of the car. All SUV’s and most trucks have floor anchors to attach the safety strap.If attaching to a vehicle without child safety seat anchor, the safety strap will wrap around the seat and attach to the “D” ring on the loop of the safety strap.

  • Extra Small 12"-16" 

  • Small 14"- 24" 

  • Medium 21"-24" 

  • Large 28"-44"

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