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Cat Toys & Scratchers

27 items

  1. Eco Mouser
  2. Eco Pouncer
  3. Eco Pouncer Mini
  4. Freddy's Feather Wand
  5. Shelby the Long Tail Hemp Mouse
  6. Stella the Cork Comet
  7. Chase the Hemp Cat Tail
  8. Hopped Up Harry the Hemp Bird - Organic Catnip Cat Toy
  9. Organic Catnip Heart Toy - Set of 3
  10. Organic Catnip Carrot
  11. Organic Catnip Mice
  12. Organic Catnip Hacky Sacks
  13. Lumberjack Scrappy Rat Cat Toy
  14. Vintage Bees Scrappy Rat Cat Toy
  15. Scrappy Rat Cat Toy
  16. Critterkind Cat Toy
  17. Mee U Organic Catnip Toy
  18. Handknit Cat Toy - Spaceycat
  19. Woodland Creature Cat Toy
  20. Paca Pets All Natural Cat Toy
  21. Meri Mice Cat Toy
  22. Go! Pet Designs Rat Rods
  23. Go! Pet Designs Roach Rods
  24. Go! Pet Design Cat Bird - Stuffed with Organic Catnip
  25. Eco Cat Toy Bundle - West Paw Lucky, Smidge & Spout
  26. Energy Pyramid - Love Thy Beast
  27. Handknit Cat Toy - Cubeycat