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  1. Boiled Wool Snake More Colors Available
  2. Earl the Eel
  3. Orange, Gold, Fuchsia More Colors Available
  4. Fiesta Flounder
  5. Felted Wool Sting Ray
  6. Boiled Wool Dolphin
  7. Polly Pig
  8. Boiled Wool Tugzee for Two - A Cheerful Pet More Colors Available
  9. Boiled Wool Cabbage Dog Toy
  10. Blue Fish
  11. Bonzee Boiled Wool Dog Toy
  12. Felted Wool Ringzee Ball Dog Toy - A Cheerful Pet
  13. Fuzzees Boiled Wool Pet Toys More Colors Available
  14. Boiled Wool Sea Turtle
  15. Boiled Wool Beluga Whale
  16. Felted Fun Sport Ball Dog Toys - A Cheerful Pet
  17. Mini Tugzee for Two More Colors Available
  18. Beach Ball Boiled Wool Dog Toy
  19. Felted Shark Pet Toy
  20. Boiled Wool Dino
  21. Danny Dachshund
  22. Ringzee
  23. Boiled Wool Carrot Dog Toy
  24. Cool Cat