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Great Life OxyDoc

Great Life Performance



Great Life Oxy-Doc is a powerful bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal. Use for: skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory problems, yeast infections (candida), bacterial infections, intestinal virus, salmonella, e-coli, dental-oral hygiene, mastitis, disinfectant, worms, parasites, warts, hives and water decontamination. This little bottle knocks a powerful, yet safe, punch. So how does it work? Read on past the jump to learn more....

Contains: 5% Sodium Chlorite

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Oxy-Doc provides a rapid 'downshift' in an animal's pH which creates a hostile environment for pathogens. The FDA approved the main ingredient, sodium chlorite, as an effective microbial control in meat products, and against parasitic worms in freshwater fish and as a wash for all types of seafood. Just a drop or two, diluted in water, packs a powerful- albeit safe - punch against, pathogens, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. In one study conducted at the University of Florida, sodium chlorite, the main ingredient in Oxy-Doc, produced the greatest reductions of microorganisms compared to other anti-microbial products tested. You can also use Oxy-Doc topically.

Uses for this unique product include (but are not limited to): - Wounds and skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, hives) - Salmonella, e-coli - Respiratory problems - Yeast infections - Bacterial infections - Fungal infections - Ear infections - Mastitis - Intestinal virus - Hoof disinfectant - Dental and oral hygiene (prevents periodontitis, gingivitis) - Crypto - Warts - Algae treatment in water tanks - Disinfectant - Ringworm - Kennel cough - Water decontamination - Raw food cleansing Oxy-Doc is concentrated and must be diluted before using - a little bottle goes a long way when used properly.

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