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Much as we love them, these items have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are limited to inventory on hand, so act fast.

34 items

  1. Blue Multi Harry Barker Seahorse More Colors Available
  2. Floppy Quack
  3. Crinkle Cane Deer
  4. Billy Wolf Haywood Bandana - 1 CLASSIC LEFT
  5. Billy Wolf/ Boyd Dog Bandana - 1 CLASSIC LEFT
  6. Billy Wolf Ashford Dog Bandana
  7. Billy Wolf Blaire Dog Bandana - LIMITED QUANTITIES
  8. Billy Wolf River Coat
  9. Billy Wolf Huck Bandana
  10. Billy Wolf Parker Dog Bandana
  11. Speckle & Spot™ Rusty Red Pet Placemat - Ore Originals
  12. Mini Flip More Colors Available
  13. Tropical Fish Dog Toys More Colors Available
  14. Snakes More Colors Available
  15. Durable Bone Dog Toy - West Paw/Black Hurley - LIMITED QUANITITIES
  16. Harry Barker Tug & Toss Rope Toy LIMITED QUANTITIES More Colors Available
  17. Billy Wolf Miles Dog Coat
  18. Turkey Tendon Banana Wraps
  19. Bamboo Bowl
  20. Billy Wolf Dash Water Bowl
  21. West Paw Teddy Bear Twin Puppy Toys - ONE LEFT
  22. West Paw Dino Dinosaur Hemp Dog Toy - 2 Sizes - LIMITED QUANTITIES
  23. West Paw Scottie Hemp Dog Toy - 2 Sizes - LIMITES QUANTITIES
  24. West Paw Ella Elephant Hemp Dog Toy - Mini - LIMITED QUANTITIES
  25. West Paw Walnut Geometric Dog Bed More Colors Available
  26. Billy Wolf Frankie Bandana
  27. Billy Wolf Dylan Dog Bandana
  28. Turkey Tendon Pumpkin Wraps
  29. Billy Wolf Beau Bandana
  30. Billy Wolf McCadden Dog Bandana
  31. Billy Wolf Wyatt Reversible Dog Coat
  32. Billy Wolf Bennet Waterproof Reversible Dog Coat
  33. Billy Wolf Elliot Dog Coat
  34. Billy Wolf Porter Dog Coat