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200 ml Pet Corrector
200 ml Pet Corrector
50 ml Pet Corrector
50 ml Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector




A safe and ingenious training aid, Pet Corrector utilizes a hissing sound that dogs are instinctively sensitive to, emitting an extra-loud hiss of compressed air to interrupt undesirable behaviors such as inappropriate barking, jumping up, stealing food, counter surfing, digging or aggression. It is important that the pet corrector is used responsibly and that alternative desirable behaviors are rewarded.

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Pet Corrector’s hiss sound harnesses a natural defense mechanism - the ‘hiss’ common in geese, cats, insects and snakes. Dogs are instinctively sensitive to this ‘hiss’, which enables Pet Corrector to provide a naturally effective training device straight out of a can. To be used in conjuction with positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors. Includes training guide and tips. Custom holster with belt clip and ring hook keeps one 50ml can close at hand. 

Please note: It is important that the Pet Corrector is used responsibly, so as not to traumatize or frighten your pet. Always direct spray away from your pet's face and at a distance greater than 3 feet and only use to interrupt a serious misdemeanor. Remember to reward alternative desirable behaviors.

  • 50ml - approximately 50 bursts 

  • 200 ml - approximately 200 bursts

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