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Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush




Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush is recommended for puppies, small dogs and as a way to introduce your pet to regular teeth brushing before transitioning to Petosan's double headed toothbrush.

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Poor oral health is a common health problem for dogs and cats. Plaque and tartar can cause gum disease, which in turn may lead to periodontal disease and painful loss of teeth. 
Dental care should include regular dental check-ups and tartar removal with your veterinarian, and routine dental care at home. Regular cleaning with Petosan's double headed toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste is an effective and safe way to help prevent dental disease. Studies show routine daily brushing may extend your pet's life by as much as one year or more. Unlike human toothpaste, Petosan toothpaste will not irritate your pet's stomach.

Simply moisten the microfiber oral cleaner, pull it over your forefinger and secure the strap on your middle finger to safeguard against your dog swallowing it. Gently wipe teeth and gums without applying pressure. Rinse during use in lukewarm water. Afterwards, rinse and hang to dry.
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