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Pure Ayre Pet Odor Eliminator
Pure Ayre Pet Odor Eliminator
22 oz for home use
22 oz for home use
22 oz and 4 oz home and car sizes
22 oz and 4 oz home and car sizes
Gallon Refill
Gallon Refill

Pure Ayre All Natural Pet Odor Eliminator

Pure Ayre



Love your pooch but not their stink? Ever had a dog tussle with a skunk...and lose? Pure Ayre is the healthy option for an odor eliminator spray that really works, without exposing you, your family or your pets to risky chemicals. PureAyre’s powerful enzyme-based technology removes all traces of any kind of dog odor, including urine and even skunk. All natural, non-toxic and food-grade safe, PureAyre is the most effective product you can buy to remove stinky dog odors from furniture and car upholstery, bedding, carpeting, cages and kennels…anywhere your dog goes. Love your dog, lose their odors.

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PureAyre is a naturally powerful way to completely eliminate odors on your dog and in your home and car. It removes the smell of urine, skunk spray, vomit, fecal matter and more. PureAyre is non-toxic and even food-grade, so it's guaranteed safe for people, safe for pets, carpets, fabrics and upholstery. PureAyre even removes stains, and it's both cruelty free and veterinarian recommended.
PureAyre is composed of plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils. It is the first and only food-grade odor eliminator. That's why it's safe. And PureAyre is the only product with enzymes specifically targeted to break the bonds of all odor-causing compounds found in nature. That's why it's strong. And PureAyre is bottled without using any alcohol or hazardous chemicals as stabilizers. The enzymes in PureAyre cleave the bonds of the molecules that make up these odor-causing compounds. And PureAyre is the only product that contains all the enzymes needed in a high enough concentration to do the job. As a result, PureAyre literally cleans the air and permanently gets rid of the source of odors leaving you with pure air. Because it's all natural, comprised only of plant-derived enzymes in purified water, you can spray it directly onto your pet's bedding and even on your pet–very useful when your dog finds a skunk to sneak up on.

  • 4 oz Home & Car Spray (take it with you when you travel with your dog)

  • 22 oz Pet Spray (great for around the house)

  • 1 Gallon refill (no sprayer)

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