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Twist Naked Sponge




Normally, things with nudity might not be appropriate for all audiences. In the case of the Naked Sponge, that couldn't be further from the truth. Because by naked, we mean without chemicals, colors, and any of the adulterated stuff you might find in traditional sponges. And all this naked cleaning power comes in three sizes. So please feel free to show these to your family and friends without risk of offending anyone.

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In 2006 TWIST founders Egil Wigert and Brian Ross took a closer look at the sponges in their kitchens and realized something profound. Almost every other product in the cleaning aisle has undergone some kind of evolution, while sponges and other cleaning tools have been the same for decades. They set out to turn the world of cleaning tools on its head - combining design and environmental responsibility to create functional, beautiful, and responsible alternatives.

As a company, TWIST takes special care to make sure most of its waste is reused in production, and is committed to continually improving the manufacturing process to minimize the impact on the environment.

  • Small (2) 4.3"x 2.8"x 0.8" 

  • Medium (2) 6"x 3.6"x 0.9" 

  • Large 7.5"x 4"x 1.25"

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