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Wholistic Sea Kelp

The Wholistic Pet



Wholistic Sea Kelp™ is pure kelp that is harvested and processed in Northwest Iceland, one of the most pristine environments found worldwide.

This exclusive blend of pure, certified organic kelp delivers a boost to your dog's coat, skin, energy and endurance with its iodine-rich concentration of vitamins and minerals. Harvested from environmentally certified organic Arctic waters that are free from pollutants and contamination, Wholistic Sea Blend is a proprietary blend of organic kelp which contains unusually high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, protein and digestive enzymes.

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Wholistic Sea Blend contains 60 minerals, natural Vitamins and health factors that include 21 amino acids, vitamins A, B2, B3, C, D, E, and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, and selenium. Because the minerals present are in a naturally organic, chelated form they are readily available, easily assimilated and contribute to maintaining mineral levels, particularly during stress and heavy activity. Sea vegetation like kelp is one of the best dietary sources of iodine, essential for proper support of the thyroid gland.

Wholistic Pet Organics has strong reputation in the pet industry for providing super premium animal health products and feed supplements for companion animals using only human-grade, whole food, certified-organic ingredients. Formulas contain NO fillers, byproducts or any inert or artificial ingredients. Every ingredient used serves a specific function and is an effective dosage for optimal results. By using only whole foods, supplements are readily bio-available.

  • Promotes dental health, fresh breath, removal of plaque & tartar 

  • Maintains skin & coat health plus reduces excessive shedding 

  • Supports thyroid gland function 

  • Regulates body metabolism and supports the immune system 

  • Promotes circulation 

  • Aids in digestion 

  • Decreases nervous energy 

  • Detoxifies, cleanses the liver

  • Source of dietary fiber

  • Formulated in USA

No Fillers-Just Pure, Organic Kelp. Harvested and processed in Northwest Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle, one of the most pristine environments found worldwide. The fjords are isolated, sparsely populated, and the environment is closely protected. Certified organic by QAI,and TUN.

ingredients: Proprietary blend of certified organic, geothermal-dried Kelp (Species Ascophylum nodosum & Laminaria digitata), Certified Organic Garlic

Crude Protein8.5%
Total Ash29%
Iodine780 ppm
Iron622 ppm
Selenium0.3 ppmn
Zinc12 ppm
Amino Acidssee product label



WeightDaily Dosage
Cats1/4 tsp
Small dogs1/2 tsp
Large dogs1 tsp





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