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Wondercide Biter Fighter for Humans




Wondercide Biter Fighter for people is 100% DEET free, all-natural protection that safely repels ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and other bothersome pests for 3-6 hours. Powerful, proven, plant-based formula is safe for all people, including nursing mothers and children. If you like hiking with your pet or working in the yard bug-free, you will LOVE Biter Fighter. Non sticky, non-staining and easy to wash off with no residue and no harsh odors. Made in USA. Choose Cedar or Lemon Grass.

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Pets and owners risk their health when they resort to chemical applications. Synthetic chemicals are easily ingested, inhaled and absorbed by all living beings, targeting the central nervous system and other organs without discriminating between bugs, pets, or people. There is mounting evidence than many illnesses suffered by animals and humans (from birth defects and cancer to autism and Alzheimer's disease) are the result of spraying lawns and homes with indiscriminate toxins applied to home and commercial environments. The main ingredient in Wondercide, a proprietary steam-distilled cedarwood oil, is scientifically combined with complementary natural oils and cosmetic-grade inert. The patent-pending plant-based technology is highly effective in repelling and killing fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, both on pets, people, and in the environment.

Cedar: 10% Cedarwood Oil, 90% Hydrated Silica

Lemongrass: 10% Cedarwood Oil, 0.1% Essential Oil of Lemongrass, 89.9% Hydrated Silica

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