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Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats
Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats

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About Olive:

For almost 10 years, pet lovers all over the world have trusted Olive to provide some of the safest, most environmentally friendly and well-designed goods for dogs available anywhere. Olive works tirelessly to uncover items from around the world that meet the highest standards. Whenever possible, Olive seeks out handcrafted products that not only withstand heavy use, but also represent a level of crafted detail normally only seen in products for people.

Olive is located in Seattle – a place often cited as one of the greenest and most progressive cities in the US, for people and dogs alike. Seattle provides the perfect backdrop for Olive, often inspiring many of the ideas that have helped make it the most trusted online source for dog products.

Olive is committed to assembling the finest collection of products for dogs and pet-lovers. Customers can browse and place orders 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and can take comfort in knowing that a friendly and knowledgeable staff is available during regular business hours should they ever need to email or call regarding a product or recent order.