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Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats
Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats

Non-Chemical Flea Killers (yes, there is such a thing)

Dogs tend to be 'itchier' in summer. Heat, humidity, pollen, grass, and, of course, fleas can contribute to your dog being much more itchy in summer than winter. And it goes without saying that a flea on your dog, probably means more in your house. But is your only defense, nasty chemicals that potentially may harm your pet? Heck, no!

Evolv is a potent, all natural flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats that is a safe alternative to potentially harmful chemical pesticides. Available in an easy-on spray this one-two punch both repels and kills unwanted predators. Evolv stops itching & scratching, comforts dry skin & hot spots, leaves coat shiny and healthy, and even eliminates mange. Best part Evolv is totally non-toxic and made in USA.

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