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Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats
Well-Made Goods for Dogs & Cats

Furbliss Multi-Functional Silicone Brush

Furbliss Multi-Functional Silicone Brush Zoom

Furbliss Multi-Functional Silicone Brush

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Does you dog squirm and resist when you try to brush him? Try the Furbliss™ dog brush and turn grooming time into calming massage time for your dog. While traditional brushes are made of metal, steel, or wire, the Furbliss pet brush is made from 100% medical grade silicone, which is much softer and gentler on your dog's skin. And the ergonomic design is easy to hold and reduces effort for you.

Designed and developed in Switzerland, the Furbliss brush has a patented two-sided design and soft material, that provides a comforting and relaxing massage as you brush your dog with the long toothed front side. The back side of the brush has shorter de-shedding teeth that can be used in short, firm strokes to remove loose hair safely. You will love the luxurious lather and deeper cleaning you get when you bring it into your bath time routine. It also has a fur and lint removing edge to remove fur from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors. The Furbliss is easy to clean, simply rinse under warm water or toss in the washing machine. Fur, dirt, and debris simply rinse away from the silicone surface. These durable brushes can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made in USA.

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Product Description


    Veterinarians recommend Furbliss for all pets as it is safe, stimulates your pet's circulation, stimulates muscles and joints, and is the only brush recommended for pets with skin allergies (atopy).
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Brand Furbliss
    Key Features
    • Pets enjoy being brushed with Furbliss and do not struggle
    • Great for routine brushing and de-shedding
    • Stimulates the circulation of skin, joints, and muscles
    • Removes loose fur and provides safe de-shedding
    • Exfoliates and removes dander, sebum, and crusts
    • The best brush for pets with inflamed skin due to allergies/atopy
    • Two-sided patented design combines the features of multiple brushes and grooming tools into one!
    • Veterinarian and groomer recommended
    • 100% premium medical grade silicone attracts fur
    • Fur and lint removing tool removes fur from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors
    Sizing Each color is specially designed for the size a and coat of your dog: Blue is for small pets with short hair Green is for small pets with long hair Yellow is for large pets with short hair Red is for large pets with long hair
    Directions for Use

    Top Side - Use the top side of the Furbliss™ brush to gently massage and brush your pet. Use multiple brushing motions including circular and forward/backward movements.

    Top Side Uses:

    • Daily & Routine Brushing
    • Massaging & Calming
    • Deshedding
    • Cleaning of skin & coat including removal of dirt, sebum, & dander

    Bottom Side - Use the bottom of the Furbliss brush for additional features.

    • Deshedding - Use firm pressure in continuous strokes to provide rigorous, yet safe deshedding of your pet's entire coat.
    • Bathtime - The Furbliss can hold up to two ounces of shampoo.
    • Fur and lint removal - Sweep this edge over clothing, furniture, & auto interiors to pick up loose fur and lint.
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